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A downloadable game for Windows

Can you beat my high score and become the next DISH STACK KING?


Use your mouse! Click on a location to move towards it. Balance the dishes by swaying left and right. Move towards the goal.

This was my submission for Ludum Dare 40. I couldn’t include as much as I wanted to this jam since I’m working in a new engine. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Game by tehPHEN - ( Stephen Ma )  ( )

Music by GreyScreen - (Kevin Stebner)   ( )

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Published 14 days ago
TagsArcade, busboy-simulator, Ludum Dare 40, Physics
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i couldn't dethrone the king! this is a lot of fun, balancing stuff in my hand was my fav thing to do when i was young! i love this! ^-^